Executive Speaking Coach

Here is a question you might ask yourself.
What do you fear?
Things that go bump in the night?
Rejection, ridicule or the number ONE FEAR, Public Speaking?

Let me help you. I can and will prepare you for speaking!
Have you ever thought, “I just can’t do this?” I know it is my chance to show what I can do, but I AM FRAZZLED and out of control. You can make a change.

Warren Buffet speaking to Bill Gates said, “If a person can overcome their fear of public speaking by taking speech courses it would be the best money they could spend to increase their chance of success in business”.

What is your excuse to not increase your chance to succeed?

Because businesses and speakers are different and their needs change at a moment’s notice. Don first meets with the individual and/or company officials to understand and assess the needs of each particular person or company. This enables him to customize his speech training to the specific challenges they are currently facing. Every presentation you make is unique and Don can help you prepare the right presentation for the occasion.


Thanks for everything today.  Don - your insight and anticipation of the elements of the TV Interview process are invaluable.

 John Harris 
SAS Shoemakers