Don R. Varney has specific goals when being the EMCEE/Auctioneer for his audiences. They are to Motivate and Inspire the attendees to have fun and donate more than they believe possible. How he does this is by using his decades of experience as a keynote speaker to inspire them to be a participant, not just an audience member.

He believes his job is to do what you require of him as the EMCEE and Auctioneer for your Fundraiser or Event.
Also, to be as professional as possible during the event
to ensure the timeliness of the event.

He has hosted and delivered Inspirational and Motivational presentations since 1979 as well as being an EMCEE.

As a Radio Talk Show Host, Don gained experience being on the microphone reaching his audience nationwide delivering positive, motivating and inspirational messages.

He is the author of multiple books including “Living the ACTION Driven Life” ©.

He is a Licensed Auctioneer in the State of Texas License Number 9024
Veteran, Disabled and Minority Owned Business
Entrepreneur, Mentor, Author & Public Speaking Strategist
An authority on Leadership and Public Speaking
Don R. Varney believes in pursuing your dreams. He reaches for his dreams and he can help you reach yours. He sets realistic goals to accomplish his dreams.

Being a successful entrepreneur, Varney serves as President and CEO of VarneySpeaks and ZNutrition. VarneySpeaks which is a company that promotes business growth through training, strategy, effective speaking as well as speech coaching.

ZNutrition is Health company utilizing enzymes to promote good health