Training alone is not good enough.

Motivational & Inspirational Speaker and  Life Principles Coach Don Varney believes in pursuing your dreams. He reaches for his dreams and he can help you reach yours.     “Be number one with yourself and you will accomplish your goals,” says Success and Motivational Speaker Don Varney. That’s the message of his entertaining and informative presentations. Only three percent of people ever accomplish their goals. How can your company and your sales team become one of the three percent?

Where did it all start? An award-winning Air Force “Recruiter”, Varney was one of the first 33 members of the U.S. Air Force to receive the Professional Performer Award, an award created in 1974 to honor excellence in the Air Force. During his service, Varney was selected to become a recruiting instructor at the prestigious Air Force Recruiting School where he was one of thirteen instrumental in creating many Sales and Public Speaking courses. Don won the award again while at the Air Force Recruiting School in the late 70′s. Eventually, Varney literally “wrote the book” on military recruiting when he was asked to be a part of the team that wrote the NCO, Reserve, Recruiting Officer Training, National Guard and Air Force Academy recruiting courses.

What next? Years of successful business experience Varney has continued throughout his career always striving to be the best wherever he goes. Ex: He led his teams to new sales records including becoming #1 in the nation for 18 consecutive months. Not only being #1, but each month for 18 straight months was a new sales record. It was this and other accomplishments that allowed him to follow his dream and begin his career in sales training and public speaking. In 1995, he became partner and CEO of a nutritional distribution company and, once again, led the country in sales. 2004 was another opportunity to start a company where he became the President and C.E.O. of a rental car alliance.  His belief, you have to be in the game to make an impact on the others.

Every presentation is unique. Because businesses are different and their needs change at a moment’s notice. Unlike most other trainers/speakers, Varney first meets with company officials to understand and assess the needs of each particular company in order to personalize every presentation. This enables him to customize presentations to the specific challenges the company is currently facing and to take action.   An effective and entertaining speaker, Varney’s presentations are always entertaining as well as informative.

Don has always stretched himself to improve his speaking. A few ways he trained included headlining the stand-up comedy circuit, doing numerous movies and commercials. During 1997 he hosted a call-in radio show, “Don Varney’s Positive World”. Starting in 1998 and for the next 10 years, he hosted “Billboards”, a radio talk show in San Antonio, Texas.

A disciplined and accomplished athlete he has never stopped pursuing his dreams. Another life-long dream was fulfilled when Don played Tight End for the USIFL Champions, the San Antonio Stampede, at the age of 52. Don then became the Chaplain and Assistant Coach for the NAFL’s San Antonio Thunder. This coaching staff was selected to the NAFL Coaching All-Star List for 2001.

Don is well known in the San Antonio area as a businessman with integrity and a “Get It Done” attitude. In the past, he has given freely of his time by speaking to youth groups. He believes that if young people hear about positive life principles, they can live them. Don truly believes in practicing what he teaches.

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