Founder of the powerful training methods
“ACTION™” And “Training on the Run™”

“Beginning in 1979 it has been an honor to help others improve themselves. Whether it was from a stage speaking to thousands, consulting in your business, a small training group, or helping you individually. Let me show you how I can help your company or yourself. I don’t just bring you a “Program in a Box” but rather I will tailor my proven methods to fit your needs and help you take “ACTION™“. Don Varney

Don reaches for his dreams and he can help you reach yours.
Don will share his life experiences in his business and personal life and use them to customize his training methods “ACTION™” and “Training on the Run™" to your specific companies’ needs.
Your employees will be improved and changed. This is not feel-good training allowing you to accept just getting by in your life. He will challenge you to constantly pursue excellence. Not only will you be challenged but he will give you the road map to excellence.

“I want to help you and your company be prepared for greatness. Let me mentally prepare you for the game. Then as your coach, I will improve your skills to excel.”

Don R. Varney’s “ACTION™” and “Training on the Run™” are powerful training methods to quickly reach your goals. To help you finish what you started and succeed.

Life has more to offer so
Ask yourself,
“Is it really only about the money$$$?”

Don’s companies include:
VarneySpeaks Professional Speaking
VarneySpeaks Business and Executive Strategies/Consulting
VarneySpeaks Speech Coaching

Don R. Varney offers:

1. Business and Executive Strategies/Consulting
(Two of Don’s companies were #1 in the nation one setting 18 consecutive national sales records)

2. Customized for your business “ACTION™” and “Training on the Run™” programs.

3. Customer Service Training: Specializing in Chiropractic Clinics and more.

4. Proven Success in Management
***As a player and coach he knows what it takes, both on and off the playing field. Don admits his athletic endeavors required extra work.
He realized early in his career that if it was going to happen, he had to go the extra mile for it to become a reality. As a coach, he helped instill that winning attitude in his players.
***As a businessman he applies these winning principles to everyday life. He has always believed when you are willing to work for it, you can accomplish anything.

***Don’s success in business is always helping others achieve.
***Getting everyone’s talents to come together forms the team.
***A coach instills the teamwork philosophy which is the foundation of success within your organization.


"Dear Don,
From the moment we met you at our pre-planning meeting, we knew that we had made a good choice.
Afterward, we also received many verbal comments. And they were all positive! Our salespeople were very pleased with our entire program and really enjoyed your portion of the program…”

Richard D. Moro
Vice President of Sales and Marketing